Hi, I’m Kate. Thanks for stopping by.

If you’re looking for a French-to-English freelance translator in the food, culture, or tourism spaces, you’ve come to the right place. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I’ve lived and worked in France for nearly twenty years, ten of those as a freelance translator. I also have experience as a copy editor and copy writer. For the whole story, check out my CV.

What makes a good translation? Certainly having a way with words helps. But more importantly, a good translation reflects the translator’s grasp of context and her understanding of the intended reader.

Before I started translating professionally, I was on the other side of the table: a client with translation needs. There were times when I had to edit poor translations delivered by vendors in order to complete projects on schedule, so I’m aware of what a frustrating waste of money, time, and energy a bad translation represents.

So what do I do differently?

I approach each translation as an adaptation, not an exercise in word-for-word transcription. This is how I capture the nuance of the original text and convey the author’s voice and intention.

Working with me on a translation means:

Flexibility and efficiency. I outline a rigorous and honest editorial calendar based on realistic time constraints to ensure that you receive your translation exactly when you need it. I abide by a streamlined translation process with regular feedback loops, so there are no surprises.

Thorough research. I’ve accumulated extensive knowledge through my experience working in the culture, food, and travel industries. This makes it easy for me to orient myself quickly within a wide variety of topics. I never hesitate to dive deep in order to find just the right words for a niche topic.

A human touch. Language is a human ability, so why would you trust your translation to a machine? I bring a careful eye and discerning analysis to every text.

My attention to detail, rigorous research skills, and professionalism have earned me the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious publishers and cultural institutions in France.

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