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Writing and wandering

Writing and walking are good companions: vivid writing relies on details harvested from observation, while long walks provide plenty of opportunity to pay attention. Walking invites you to crouch down and watch the beetle clamber over pebbles, to poke your finger in a half-dried puddle, to stop and listen to the kettle-bell symphony of a herd of sheep, to breathe deeply. In all that crouching down and poking and listening and breathing, delightful things make themselves known. What have you discovered while wandering?

It’s Raining Coffee

Is it really nearly spring? The calendar says March 1st,  but the wet street and sullen grey sky out my window suggest otherwise. Fortunately, Paris has no shortage of cafes to shelter in when things get really dreary—and their numbers are growing. Boneshaker is doing a comforting coffee-and-donuts number in the 2nd arrondissement, while Mokonuts maintains a tight and tantalizing menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes and luscious homemade cookies alongside its coffee and teas. The Left Bank is fast becoming a destination for coffee as well, with the opening of the delightful Bleu Olive and laid-back O Coffeeshop (two words: banana bread). Head over to Sprudge for the full story.

New York in Haiku

I was in New York a few months ago on my way to Michigan via D.C. and a funeral. It was a rare moment when I had absolutely nothing to do but wander and wonder. The leaves were turning and the sun was bright between cloudbursts. I wrote this series of haiku after one satisfyingly uneventful day. I am easily overwhelmed by city’s movement; this exercise in observation was steadying.

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