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A World of Coffee

Sometimes, it’s the most ordinary thing that changes a life. For Laetitia Natali, it was coffee. I interviewed her about travel, coffee and becoming a micro-roaster. Read the article on Sprudge. 

La Chouette Bike Café in Paris

It’s always a pleasure to meet people who are working to make Paris a more liveable city. It’s even better when I get to tell the world about it. Take a jaunt over to Sprudge and read about how Chris Fuller and Jacob Burke are supporting cyclists in Paris at La Chouette.

Photo: Kate Robinson

A different kind of coffee craftsman

I spend a lot of time working on a computer. Although my first drafts always start with pen and paper, most of the hard work of revising and editing happens onscreen. It fascinates me that people once did all of that by hand or on a typewriter; it must have made the work of piecing words together into sense more tangible, if not any easier.

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